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We help our clients build coherent brands and solutions that impact operational efficiency, accelerate growth and transform markets.

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Branding Experience

The collaborative journey with our clients starts with the discovery of their most differentiating and focused value proposition and converting it into a clear and crisp narrative.  The new Story serves as a solid foundation for creating a powerful CX and IX.

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Customer Experience

UI and UX have a direct impact on the desirability and adoption of products. Our agile design thinking methods and practical common sense empower our clients to make their innovative products simple to use and to create delightful Customer Experiences. We believe that design is a central discipline for humanizing technology and transforming tech innovation into what people need and enjoy.

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Inclusive Experience

Wherever users meet our clients’ products and brand messages, they get the same unified experience. At Brandiqa, we deliver an “all-in”, end-to-end fully integrated execution of our clients’ unique value proposition, whether we start with developing their digital presence or the product UI/UX.

Using an interdisciplinary approach with branding strategists, creative storytellers, UI/UX experts, web graphic designers, and tech developers, BrandiQa helps growth-driven start-ups, scale-ups, and industry leaders around the world to accelerate the adoption of innovative offerings and make a difference in their fast-changing markets.

rebranding for the WIN!


Our IoC (Internet of Climate) rebranding strategy has not only paid off for connected climate control platform provider CoolAutomation, but has also won BrandiQa the #1 spot in the Israel Brand Awards 2022 competition’s “Software and Startups” category! We’re super grateful for the creative freedom given to us by CoolAutomation, and humbled by this amazing Brand Awards recognition of our craft and vision!

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